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Michael Petito grew up around the business of plumbing & heating. As his grandfather ran a plumbing business and his father later started a similar line of work, Petito inevitably learned the trade and became involved at a young age. “The majority of my life has been plumbing, “he said.” And I enjoy it. I really do enjoy it. And like his predecessors, Petito embarked on his own plumbing and heating business – Michael J. Petito Plumbing & Heating, LLC – in 1991.

A lifetime resident of Hamilton Township, Petito kept his work local and quickly built a good rapport within the community. “I got things done, made sure they were done right and I think that people knew that, “ he said, “ I built up good clientele with that.”

Offering residential & commercial repairs and alterations, including water heater service, baseboard hot water, underground gas lines, sewer & drain cleaning, bathrooms & kitchens, appliance replacements. “No Job is Too Small, “Petito says.

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Seldom using advertising, Petito said he’s relied heavily on referrals, which has kept most of his business in Mercer County, particularly in Hamilton and Robbinsville. The referrals are a big thing for my business, and they’re always nice because I know that someone was happy enough with my work that they want to tell someone else about it. Petito did not know just how popular he or his work was until Hurricane Sandy hit. I started getting a lot of calls to do work on Long Beach Island. A lot of beach houses and vacation homes were affected and many of the owners were locals who I had done work for here.

Petito has now expanded his service range to Long Beach Island – an expansion of services that Petito attributes to referrals, the backbone of his success. My business thrives on one referral at a time, and this was a core value of growing my own business from the ground up. 30 years later, those same core values play a vital role in the success and growth of the business.
Michael J. Petito Plumbing & Heating sets itself apart from other businesses alike because the owner is actively involved in every aspect of the business. His customer seem more than satisfied, as evidenced by the rave reviews online and on Facebook. Resounding praises, “top notch, timely, professional & friendly” can be found under the five-star rankings.

Petito said that he has no plans of taking his hands out of the business any time soon, but Petito hopes to expand the business to the point where his children would comfortably take it over.

For more information, visit petitoplumbing.com or call (609) 586-1731.